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How to Register

Registrations for students NEW to our catchment for the CURRENT school year(for example, you've purchased a home in our catchment)  will be taken during regular school hours (8am to 2pm) on an ongoing basis.

Registration for 2018-2019

If you currently attend a feeder elementary school to Clayburn (Auguston, Matsqui, Prince Charles, Sandy Hill (English only), Stenerson, Swift)  and live in the Clayburn catchment area your child will receive a registration package for parents to complete. 

If you live outside of the Clayburn catchment, you must complete the registration package below and include a signed non-catchement form (below).  This must be done annually.  If you would like to register please drop into the school from 8am to 2pm  Monday to Friday and bring the completed registration form,  your child's birth certificate, care card, your driver's licence or government issued ID with address and one bill with parent(s) name and address (bank statement, utility bill, purchase agreement etc).  Registration for non-catchment students begins February 1, 2018. 

We will be conducting  tours, an Open House, and a BYOD Parent Night:  Dates still to be determined.

Open House  - 

BYOD Parent Night - 

Feeder Elementary Tours - 

Informal Tours - 


Thanks for  your interest in Clayburn Middle.