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Exceed Expectations


Clayburn Middle School recognizes the unique needs and characteristics of young adolescents and has modeled its programs, structures and classroom instruction to meet those needs.


Teachers team in groups of 2 or 3 to provide an interdisciplinary approach to classroom instruction. Classes loop in grade 6 & 7 to create a strong, caring relationship between teacher and student. The Clayburn Learning Commons boasts a collection of over 13,000 books and students regularly visit the library for pleasure and for research. Learning Support Services are available for students in every grade and include ESL, Gifted, and Aboriginal education.


Students in the middle grades must be given opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, and enjoy a hands-on approach to learning. All students participate in the Explorations program, including Media Arts, Technology (Wood, Robotics & Glass), Home Economics (Sewing and Cooking), Drama and Music. 

Sports & Athletics

Clayburn features strong curricular and extra-curricular programs to keep students active and healthy. Our school also supports a "no-cut" policy for all athletic teams in Grade 6 and 7. Options for students include daily Physical Education and Daily Physical Activity, a fully-equipped Fitness area, outdoor fitness circuit, shared track, lunchtime intramural program and seasonal sports for grades 6-8.


Students at Clayburn are also given opportunities to participate and take advantage of many other outstanding programs, including Band at Grade 6, 7, and 8,  Drumline (Jr. and Sr.), Film & Broadcasting, Drama/Musical, Choir, WEB, Builders Club, Chess Club, Yearbook, Robotics, Movie Makers, Art Club and more!