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Healthy Nutritious Affordable Snacks & Lunches

Our Clayburn Canteen features healthy, nutritious, affordable snacks and lunches provided by a team of volunteer parents. 

Students may purchase a $20 Canteen Card in the Office or better yet online.  The card has their name on it and is only usable by the student who owns it. 

This Week's Menu for Lunches  - November 13-16

Monday -  We will remember - Remembrance Day 

Tuesday - Mac & Cheese $2.50 OR BBQ Pork on a BUn $3

Wednesday -  Pizza Pretzel $2 OR Sushi $4.50 or $5

Thursday - Chicken Strips w/ Mash Potatoes and Gravy $3

Friday - Cheeseburgers $2.75 OR Beef Taco Salad $2.50

All lunches are priced $2.50 to 3  or under except Sushi.  Snacks vary in prices up to $2.


Interested in volunteering in the Canteen?  Drop on in any day - parent volunteers earn Canteen Vouchers for their child.  Shifts are available from  9:45 to 12 (noon) send an email to  We'd love to have you in our building.