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Gr 5 Band and Kick Start Registration

Please see the attachment below for details and registration information regarding Clayburn's Band and  KickStart program for next year's Grade 6 students.

KickStart is intended for grade 5 students transitioning to Clayburn Middle School for the Fall of 2018.  Grade 5 students will receive one on one peer mentorship from our grade 8 Sr. Band members as they learn a musical instrument of their choice.  Students may sign up for 1 or more weeks and get a feel for different instruments before making a committment.  Student may arrive at Clayburn between 2:30 and 3; KickStart runs 3-4:30.

Grade 6 Band Information: 

In the 2018-2019 school year, Grade 6 Band students will be organized into classes. Each class will make up

half of a POD. All grade 6 band classes will occur within regular school hours. Registration may be limited and

will be prioritized on a first come first serve basis as it will be limited to 30 or 60 students (e.g. 37 register - only

the first 30 to register are accepted). Due to the band students being organized into classes, band is a full

school year commitment. Parents can register with the printed form OR parents can register using the online

form with the link below . Along with registering for the Junior Concert Band, you will have an opportunity to

register for a Kick-Start session(s) this June 2018. The Kick-start program is an excellent opportunity for new

band students to explore the variety of band instruments available for them to play in the concert band before

choosing which instrument to play in September. In Kick-Start, students will work through the first few pages

of the band book with the support of the band teacher and coaches from the Senior Concert Band.


You can register for KickStart AND Band via the PDF form below (drop off complete form and payment to CLAYBURN)   OR  via this link

More information?  Please contact Mr. Aaron Long at

Current until: Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Posted: Monday, May 15th, 2017