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Pick Up/ Drop Off and Parking

Reminder to Parents regarding pick up and drop off expecations: 

1) do no park in the STAFF lot

2) the parallel parking on the hill coming into the school is for drop off/ pick up; please do not park

3) VISITOR parking is on Laburnum or past the bus pick up

3) do not park, or stop directly in front of the school (this is a not a pick up or drop off  area)

4) do not stop or park in the bus zone

5) the outside left lane is for through traffic only (so no stopping to pick up or drop off)

6) if parking on Laburnum please do not block driveways etc

7) please do NOT PARK or IDLE  in neighbourhood cul-de-sacs like Teslin Dr. or Kootenay etc...

Please remember we are in a residential neighbourhood and want to role-model being a good neighbour. 

Thanks for helping us ensure the safety of all students.

Current until: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
Posted: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016