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Blog: Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Orca’s Take the Lead!

New this year, Clayburn has Aboriginal themed hallway communities which include the Raven (Sqéweqs), the Orca (Quél:es), the Eagle (Sp'óq'es) and the Bear (Spá:th ). We were fortunate to have Perry Smith provide an inspirational speech about the four different animals and related qualities as described in Halq'eméylem language – Bear’s strength/courage, Raven’s creativity/intelligence, Orca’s loyalty/understanding and Eagle’s leadership/illumination.

These hallway communities incorporate grade 6, 7 and 8 classrooms who work together, sharing team building activities such as pancake breakfasts and ice-cream afternoons to help build a sense of community and belonging. Points can be earned via several activities: quiet movement in the hallways, the number of participants in intramural sports and themed days (Hallowe’en), the number of books borrowed and returned from the library, and participation in Builder’s club activities (involving giving back to our local community). We are excited to see the sense of belonging of students within each house, and look forward to the good-natured competition between houses throughout the coming year.

Heather Reid, Vice Principal