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Blog: Monday, May 25th, 2020

Weekly update May 25

Dear Clayburn Families,  

As we prepare for the reopening of Clayburn Middle School on June 1st, we wanted to provide you with some more details about what the month of June may look like for our Clayburn Cougars community. The information below is subject to change, but for now, we’d like to share with you some answers to questions you may have to help prepare for the coming weeks. As always, please reach out to either of us, should you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help!  

1.  Is it safe for students to go back to school?  
The Provincial Health Officer has advised that it is safe for us to move to this stage of opening schools. The health and safety of staff and students is our top priority. At the same time, we need to stay diligent, and that’s why we are looking at a measured, gradual approach to transitioning students back into the classroom.  

2.  What will my child’s schedule be? 

Your child will attend school one morning per week on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. To minimize large gatherings during arrival and departure, we have staggered the start and end times for each grade.

Grade 6 students will attend from 8:30am – 11:30am 

Grade 7 students will attend from 8:45am – 11:45am 

Grade 8 students will attend from 9:00am – 12:00pm  

Teachers will notify you by email, of your child’s day to attend by Wednesday May 27th.   Please reply to the email to confirm that you received your child’s schedule.   

3. Will schools accommodate families’ schedules? 

To ensure the Provincial Health Office guidelines are adhered to, including small group attendance, the schedule will not have a lot of flexibility. Limiting contact with as few individuals as possible also supports the health and safety of our staff and students. If you have more than one child attending Clayburn, we ask you to connect with the office via 604-504-7007, to ensure that both children are scheduled to attend on the same day.

4. Will there be bussing?  

Transportation will not be running for the month of June. Families will need to drop off and pick up their children.  

5. What will drop off and pick up look like?  

Students may not enter the building if their daily health assessment is incomplete. This MUST be completed by a parent or guardian (See # 8). If a friend or relative is dropping off your child, please make sure that his/her assessment has been completed online beforehand. We will have paper-based copies available at the front door, but only parents/guardians can complete the assessment.  

6. What will my child’s time at school look like?  

Students will be in their classroom with no more than 10 students at time. Desks will be spaced 2m apart. There will not be any formal Nut Break, but teachers are encouraged to take their students outside for activity time. Students will not be attending explorations or gym class. The focus on this gradual reopening is learning new routines and procedures to keep our staff and students safe. Students attending in-class instruction will not be receiving new academic curriculum. They will, however, receive academic support with the existing remote learning opportunities.  Please ensure that your child brings a pencil, pen, paper, snack and their learning device (chromebook, IPAD).  

7. What safety measures will be implemented?  

Strict safety measures, as outlined by the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafeBC will be implemented to reduce the risk of COVID 19 transmission. For example:  desks are spaced 2 meters apart
a maximum10 students will be in a classroom per day 
students will NOT be gathering in hallways or common areas 
there will be regular cleaning of high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs and washrooms  

students and staff will be required to wash their hands upon entering the school  
hand-sanitizing stations have been installed in our front entrance and in the portables 
student drop off and pick up times are staggered to avoid large gatherings of students 
a mandatory and daily health assessment MUST be completed by the parent of EACH child before the child may enter the school (see details below) 
Signage regarding physical distancing practices and hand washing protocols will be posted throughout the school  

“Traffic” signs, directional arrows and floor markings will guide safe movement within the school and provide direction for physical distancing 
Equipment and learning spaces will not be shared. All students will be required to bring their own learning supplies for the day including pen, pencil, paper and learning device (IPAD/chromebook). To ensure the safety of all our staff and students, students MUST adhere to the physical distancing guidelines. A parent/guardian will be called to pick up any child not following our health and safety protocols.  

8. What is the mandatory daily health assessment? 

Before your child enters Clayburn, each and every time, a parent/guardian MUST complete a daily health assessment for their child. We will provide parents with different options, including a weblink and QR code to access the survey. We will also have paper-based forms available outside the school if needed. A student who is dropped off without the health assessment completed by a parent will not be able to enter the school and their parent will be called to come and pick them up or complete the assessment.   If your child has any of the symptoms listed on the survey, PLEASE REMAIN AT HOME AND CALL HEALTHLINK BC at 8-1-1. The health and safety of our staff and students is our number one priority.  

9. Will my child fall behind if he/she does not attend in-class instruction?  

No. Attending in-class instruction is optional. We understand that family situations and feelings about returning to school are unique. We respect whatever decision you make as a family. All students will continue to receive remote learning experiences. Depending on the schedules of individual teachers and support staff, they may be unavailable for on-line support on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings as they will be with students in class.   

10. What if I decide after June 1st that I do want my child to attend in-class instruction?  

We will have space for your child. Please let us know as soon as possible and we will accommodate them into a schedule for the following week on one of the three days.  

11. What if I have signed up my child for in-class instruction, but I change my mind after June 1st?  

If you have decided that your child will no longer attend for the month of June, please call the office at 604-504-7007 to let us know.  

 12. Will there be Nut Break and Lunch?  

No. There will not be a formal nut break or lunch, but teachers may choose to take their students outside for activity or for a break. Physical distancing expectations will remain outdoors. Students may bring individual snacks to have outside and they are encouraged to bring a water bottle as water fountains will not be in use.  

13. Will students and staff wear masks?  

According to the guidelines from the Provincial Health Officer, it is not recommended that children wear masks. For everyone, though, this a personal choice and we encourage everyone to be respectful of each person’s individual decision. Masks will not be provided at the school.  

14. If my child is not attending, can he/she get locker items?  

Students attending in-class instruction will clean out their lockers on their first day back. They will not have access to a locker for the remainder of the year. Students not attending in-class instruction will receive a date and time to gather their belongings.  

15. My child still has textbooks, library books and a musical instrument. What should we do with these?  

If your child is returning for in-class instruction, please bring back any items that belong to the school on the first day back. If your child is not attending, we will contact you to arrange for a day of pickup of locker materials and drop off of school materials.  

Mrs. Heather Reid and Mr. Galen Soon