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What is a Chromebook?

Device Options

We are frequently asked:  "Why a chromebook?"  The selection of the Chromebook is a district direction because the Chromebook's interaction with wireless systems is fast and efficient.  A Chromebook does not have a processor which is working in the background effectively "clogging" wifi speed and bandwidth.  A Chromebook is the least expensive option with the biggest "bang" for the purchase price.  And most importantly, the Chromebook support learning tools which teachers use in the classroom and which have been embraced by educational institutions, educators and students.  The Chromebook runs the Google Apps for Education suite of tools and universities are using it too.   Here is some important information about the creative educational uses of a chromebook (click here).  The bottomline is we want teachers to be teaching and instructing NOT troubleshooting technology which is why we recommend a Chromebook.

Below you will find our supporting documents including:  What is a Chromebook,  and the slides from our BYOD Open House.  Thanks for your continued support in your child's learning journey.

If you do not currently have a laptop, there are economical new, as well as used, options available. We recommend that you visit the Abbotsford Staples location to discuss your options for purchase.

The Staples School Tools BYOD solution offers:

  • continious support
  •  replacement guarantees for all defective units, including units accidentally damaged  
  • financing 6 months no interest no payments or 12 months’ equal payments  

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~ Sanjay Joshi; email:  sanjay.joshi [at]

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