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Cross Country

The Cross Country season normally runs from September to October. At this time, due to COVID-19, the season has been put on hold.

Cross Country Coaches include:

  • Mr. Piper
  • Mrs. Olson

During the season, the following information pertains to regularly scheduled Meets. 

The Grand Prix series is one of the largest participation meets designed specifically for youth in grades 4 to 8 in Canada. The series attracts wide attention and coverage of the meets with pictures and results published in the local newspaper.The students find this series to be both fun and exciting. These runs encourage participation and fitness. Results are publishedon our website for all participants who complete each of the races over a 1.7km course. This enables both the runners and their coaches to track the improvement of each and every runner.  One of the highlights of the meet is the awarding of the Jane Swan Fitness Award.  This coveted trophy is awarded to a school that demonstrates overall fitness.

We will be having a concession stand on site where we will sell drinks and snacks
We look forward to having your school as a participant. See you at the races.

We look forward to celebrating the success of our Cross Country team!