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News: Friday, June 15th, 2018

Celebrations and Carnivals

Well that was quick!  Clayburn enjoyed another amazing week of learning, creating, competing and celebrating.  Our amazing group of compassionate and dedicated EAs enjoyed a thank you lunch on Thursday too.  This group of wonderful people make contributions to and enrich the educational experiences of all the children they work with and we are so very fortunate to have them on staff. 

This week also saw a flurry of activity in one of our grade 7 classes, who were challenged to design, construct and test carnival games in which players must have at least a 25% chance in winning.  Way better odds than the PNE!  With everything from bean bag toss, skee/skittle ball, catapult basketball, magnet finishing and PLINKO, Mrs Strocel and Mrs Cal’s class treated many classes with a trip through their math carnival games.   We ended the week with our first of two awards ceremonies.  This one celebrating our student-athletes and their accomplishments on the courts, trails, track and fields.  A huge thank to our community coaches and our school’s dedicated team of volunteer coaches as well as the district best athletic director, the extraordinary Mr. David Jones.

 As promised last week, we wanted to celebrate all of our school's track and field athletes who competed so strongly at this year's meet.  Our school placed 3rd overall, just behind Abby Middle.  Here is a list of our top 8 finishers!

Grade 6 Girls

Oliva McIntyre - 1st in 1500m, 2nd in 800m

Laura Robertson – 7th in 800m, 7th in 200m, 4th in high jump

Sanaa Musonge – 6th in 400m, 8th in 200m

Lindsay Foster – 7th in 400m

Rachel McClelland – 4th in 200m

Arianna Trentini – 4th in Discus

Relay – 3rd place

Overall – 4th


Grade 6 Boys

Owen David – 6th in 1500m

Cole Bailey – 1st in 800m, 8th 400m, 5th in discus

Ethan McRae – 3rd in 800m

Erik Levings – 6th in 400m, 4th in pentathlon, 5th in long jump

Isaac Lynn – 7th in 400m

Jesse Peters – 5th in 200m

Simar Gidda 8th in Shot Put

Hayden Charlesworth – 7th in long jump

Kevin Wong – 1st in triple jump

Max Noteltiers – 2nd in triple jump

Cooper Browne – 5th in triple jump

Relay – 2nd

Overall – 3rd


Gr 7 Girls

Ava Micheal – 5th in 1500m

Eden Woodlife – 6th in 800m

Hannah Bradford – 1st in 800m, 4th in 400m, 7th in long jump

Jordin Kliewer – 3rd in 200m and 100m

Gabby Waddell – 8th in shot put

Relay – 3rd

Overall – 3rd


Grade 7 Boys

Jaren Esau – 6th in 800m

Nolan Watrin – 1st in 400m, 1st in triple

Landon Hickli – 8th in 400m

Micah Barker- 1st in discus, 7th in 200m, 4th in triple jump, 2nd in pentathlon

Tristan – 2nd in long jump

Relay – 2nd

Overall – 1st


Grade 8 Girls

Reilly Coghill – 1st in 1500m

Marissa Mann – 1st in 800m

Ava Pearson – 6th in shot put, 3rd in discus

Relay – 7th

Overall – 5th


Grade 8 Boys

Mac Smith – 5th in 1500m, 4th in 800m

Branden Hope – 5th in 400m, 6th in 200m, 8th in 100m

Brandon Groening – 8th in shot put, 6th in discus

Braiden Mohle – 2nd in shot put,

Ethan Stroomer – 8th in discus

Drew Brown – 1st in long jump

Tristan Castro – 2nd in long jump

Relay – 6th

Overall – 4


Kick Start Final Week – June 19, 20 and 21 @2:30 to 4:00 for percussion only