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News: Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

District Track Meet

On a rainy, windy Friday day, the hearty souls of Clayburn's District Track qualifiers arrived at Rotary Stadium determined to compete and strive for their personal best result.  While the weeks and days before were glorious and sunny, this particular Friday was downright gloomy.  However, the athlete-students at Clayburn rose the challenge.  While staying warm in their hoodies, they cheered on each of the Clayburn competitors to our best school result ever!  We'd like to thank the Clayburn teachers who manned the Long Jump pit (at times it was a swimming pool) and measured and racked between each participants jump.  We'd also like to thank all the Clayburn students for their efforts.  We have listed the first place Clayburn fnishers put have attached the individual results, grade and gender results and the overall standings. 

Together, in a collective effort, the student-athlete's at Clayburn took home a well-earned 2nd place - well done.   Finally, we'd like to acknowledge Noah Molina who earned a bid to the BC Provincial Track Championships in Pole Vaulting and despite being the youngest competitor - took home 3rd place!

Congrats to all students who finished in the Top 8 (there were over 40 students).  Here are the 1st place finishers at Clayburn

800m Vanessa Domina  2.54.96

Triple Jump – Jayda Tourond 7.2m

1500m – Olivia McIntyre 5.45.11

800m – Oliva McIntyre 2.49.21

Shot Put – Lexi DeMeyer 8.18

Discus – Julia Colbert 18.79

200m – Mark Molina 26.30

100m – Mark Molina 13.11

Long Jump – Mark Molina 4.63

200m – Noah Molinda 26.20

Shot Put  - Micah Barker 10.74

Discus – Caiomyn Fitzgerald 26.20

Triple Jump  - Nolan Watrin 9.85

Overall Results:

Grade 6 Girls  - 2nd

Grade 6 Boys  - 3rd

Grade 7 Girls – 1st

Grade 7 Boys – 1st

Grade 8 Girls – 5th

Grade 8 Boys – 1st

Overall Team – 2nd

Check out the images below for memories from the day.