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News: Monday, May 7th, 2018

Find Your Fit Tour


The FYF program has been designed to target students grade 5-10.  The set up fills a gymnasium  and includes 9 hands on, interactive and engaging activities that have been designed around in-demand occupations and showcase some of the related skills and duties involved in those occupations. The setup also includes many Ipad kiosks that showcase WorkBC’s online tools and resources which are indispensable in helping youth (and adults) find out information about labour market information as well as education and apprenticeship opportunities. Check out some of the following links to see the tools and resources that our staff are experts at.; (over 95 videos showcasing different occupations) ; BluePrint Builder (one stop shop for everything related to Jobs, schooling, training etc - create an account to access all of WorkBC resources and keep track of your progress) (quizzes that determine what one may be good at based on answers provided, links to education info, apprenticeship info, etc).

Clayburn was proud to host the first Find Your Fit Tour in the Abbotsford School District.  All 700 of our students explored the interactive activities, displays and asked questions of the talented staff on hand.  Parents toured from 4-7pm.  Thanks for making a difference.