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News: Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Metis Dancing

Grade 6 students participated in Metis Dancing April 8-12 during their Physical Education blocks.  Under the organization of Mrs. Benevides, a Metis Dance group is brought in and gives instructions on all aspects of the Metis style of dance.  Metis Dancing is a blend of various European dancing including French, Scottish and Irish with a blend of Native influences.  The "Jig" as the Metis refer to it, is a traditional dance of the Metis people.   The Metis culture was formed in the Prairie region of Canada as French settlers, fur traders and explorers discovered western Canada while marrying with Native wifes.  The Metis culture celebrates both music and fiddle playing so it is no shock the Jig is a mix of fiddle playing and the faster the jig the faster the dance.    Grade 6 students had a wonderful time exploring this aspect of our Canadian heritage.  

A special thank you to Mrs. Benevides, whose work behind the scenes makes many fantastic opportunites available to our students from monthly Aborginal lunches to field trips like Learn to Fish, or Sturgeon Fishing, or her one and one support and time for every child.  


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