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News: Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Quebec Exchange 2018

This year, 30 grade 8 students from Clayburn Middle School had the opportunity to participate in a cross country, cross cultural, bilingual exchange with students from Ste Croix, Quebec.  Students were twinned with a youth from École Pamphile LeMay, and began communicating, as digital penpals, in the fall of 2017. In February, Clayburn’s kids travelled to Quebec to live with a French-speaking family for a week, and were lucky enough to be in Quebec city for le Carnaval d’Hiver! They also got to experience dogsledding, learn about the maple syrup industry, experience a traditional Quebecois meal, and enjoy outdoor winter activities with their twins. In May, their twins came and lived with them for a week as we showed them the best of BC, and it was great to see how many true (and hopefully lifelong) , friendships have been formed. We would like to thank Experiences Canada for their financial and organizational support, ensuring that our students see the value of living in a bilingual country, and are motivated to keep learning French!