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News: Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Reflections on First Day of School and Updates

Dear parents/guardians of students who attend Clayburn Middle.

It was so great to see your children today and have the hallways filled with laughter. Yesterday our classroom teachers sent emails to families in their POD informing them of plans for our first day of school. However, due to technical issues related to sending emails through MY Education B.C, we heard that some families did not receive this message. We understand that this created some frustration and anxiety for families and apologize for this. In addition, the internet servers were down for most of the school district this morning which made it challenging to access the Daily Health Assessment results. The district IT department is aware of this and are working hard to resolve this issue.

Some updates for tomorrow

When arriving at school in the morning please remind your child to maintain social distancing, wear their mask, and line up at their designated POD location (Grade 6 students- beside portables, Grade 7 and 8 beside the basketball courts).
We will have cones in place to support students social distancing, we encourage you to remind your child to maintain social distancing and wear their mask. We will be placing hula hoops in front of the school to support with social distancing and will continue to have staff to support those students who don’t know where to go. These staff will be wearing safety vests so they are easy to identify.
Reminder- A Daily Health Assessment must be completed on or after 6 a.m. on the day you are sending your child to school. Please bookmark this link:  and ensure you complete the health assessment for your child. We will be checking for confirmation of completion of the assessment and those students who have not completed one will be not be admitted to the school.

End of Day Routine

Reminder- students taking Abbotsford School District bus transportation will be dismissed earlier in time to catch the bus. We now have 7 busses arriving between 2:10 and departing around 2:45 p.m. As a result parking along our driveway will no longer be available. If you are picking up your child, please pick up your child on Laburnum Avenue to assist with flow of traffic. We encourage students who are able, to walk or ride their bike to and from school. An adult will be at the school crosswalk to support students and ensure safety up the stairs.

Looking forward to seeing your child tomorrow,

The Clayburn Middle School Staff