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News: Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Special Interest Day #2

Thank you to the teaching, and support staff at Clayburn for an amazing Special Interest Day #2.  Thirty-two different all day, am and pm sessions were offered for students to tryout an interest for a short period of time and discovering  a spark.  From athletic pursuits like skiing, rugby, skating, hiking, rock climbing laser tag or paintball, to academic interests including 3D printing, robotics, coding, games of chance, or skills canada competition, or creative areas like cermamics, mixed media, animation, calligraphy, and origami students were engaged in a day that revolved around a area of curiosity. Six out of seven students were in attendance and focused on learning a new skill.  Although the day was a success it is disappointing to hear phone calls excusing attendance for those students who opted to stay home rather than take a risk and explore something outside their comfort zone.   For Clayburn, SID's are a regular school day supporting the philosophy that middle school is an opportunity to explore different areas of curiosity in a safe and caring environment during a time when the adolescent brain is most open to new discoveries. We are looking forward to the last SID in June. If students have a suggestion for a session, please let Mrs. Pollastretti know so that we can make that happen.  Kudos to  students who challenged themselves to try something new and to staff who did an amazing amount of work ensuring an awesome day for kids.   

As always, thanks for sending us great kids!

Mrs. Pollastretti