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News: Monday, April 1st, 2019

That's a wrap - Seussical

Kudos the the musical theatre crew who wrapped up three all-star performances as we entered into Spring Break of Dr. Seuss's Seussical. Thirty-four students practices Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7-8am from October till December and then Saturdays January till March to bring to life the the colourful world and magical rhymes of Horton's efforts to save the Who's of Whoville because a person's a person no matter how small!  Linden brought to the life the loveable Horton with his whimsical personality and belief in others. Singing shout outs to Jayda Bracewl,l as Gertrude McFuzz, who's love of Horton and learning to love a little tail feather encouraged us all and CJ Rafter, as the sarcastic Sour Kangaroo, whose talent shown through in a jazz/ blues rendition of RESPECT.  Jojo, aka Kate Crockett, helped us to think big thoughts despite what non-dreamers may wish for as she scootered her talent across the stage along with the Cat in the Hat, Carly Kafka, who played a mean piano while making a little mischief happen.  The colourful energy of the Who's lead by the Mayor, Ethan Buckingham, and Mrs, Mayor, Sarah Crockett and the Bird Girls (Kaitlyn Callaghan, Quinn Leggatt, Gillian Mullan, Fernanda Munoz, and Katrina Ocampo) plus an entire crew of jungle creatures, Who, Wickersham Gang, Things 1, 2, and more created an eye catching, singing, dancing delight!   Many thanks to the student tech crew who managed the sound, lighting, props and more so that magic happened.  And they say behind every successful students is a proud parent or two and an even prouder committee of adults.  A huge thank you to Christina Bricknell for the stage and costume management, Kristina Paule for the music and choreography, Andrew Gillott for the drama and Aaron Long, for his debute as Musical Director. Additional thank you's to Mr. Ray Dencer for lighting and the staff at the Abby Arts Addition for their management of the house. 

Enjoy a few sneak peeks!