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News: Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Way to Go Gabby!

Gabby Waddell is a grade 8 student at Clayburn Middle who has lived to school's motto of Exceed Expecations.  Gabby saw a need in the community and followed her spark by joining with Cops for Cancer and raising money for the organization while at the same time setting a personal example.  She raised over $4500 for the organization.  In addtion, Gabby participated in the Cops for Cancer Rally at Abbotsford Senior where she donated her long locks to a very worthy cause.

This past week, Gabby participated as a feature speaker in the Abbotsford Character Conference held at Eugene Reimer Middle School.  The Youth Forum  was based on the virtue of Courage and we had over 250 students attend.   Gabby, spoke on her own experiences and how she made the decision to raise money for Cancer and ultimately to shave her head.  Gabby's speech portrayed vulnerability and authenticity. She mentioned how her peers commented on her choices and then how she chose to move forward.  It was honor having Gabby speak at the Forum and talk openly of her own experiences. Gabby, definitely represents Clayburn Middle School  as a Character Champion. 

Clayburn and Gabby  have  received much praise for her courage, and dedication to a cause and finding her voice!.  We would like to thank Rupi Rajwan and Cam Friesen for their praise of Gabby and acknowledgement of her efforts.  

Well done Gabby - WAY TO GO!