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Bring Your Own Device

 BYOD Program

This year all pods at Clayburn are implementing a Bring Your Own Device Program to school.   This program provides students the opportunity, at the teacher’s discretion, and with parent support, to use personal laptop computers under supervision in the classroom for learning. We believe that the use of digital technologies to improve student learning is a key part in being an innovative school that prepares students for lifelong learning.

Thank you for working with us to support the Bring Your Own Device program.

Bring Your Own Device (Laptop) Benefits:

  • improved access to online resources and digital tools (students access up-to-date non-fiction materials 2:1 vs print)
  • enhanced opportunities to learn appropriate digital communication and citizenship skills (textbooks are being replaced with digital techbooks including audio, video, virtual fieldtrips and print materials)
  • additional opportunities to create digital projects (including skills like collaboration, creativity, meta-cognative thinking etc.)
  • access to assistive technology (including read alouds, differentiated materials based on student reading level etc.)
  • ability to foster engagement, investment, focus, independence, and accommodate multiple abilities, and learning styles
  • use of digital platforms means learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is never lost or misplaced
  • ability to collaborate during class time on digital presentations and documents (including use of google classroom, web apps, and online media)
  • increased ability to use teachable moments and allow students to follow interests at their fingertips

Device (Laptop) Information and Requirements

In order to participate in this project, students are asked to bring a Chromebook (or basic laptop) to school that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Chromebook laptop is the preferred option (it is light, cloud-based, holds an 8 hour charge and it is inexpensive compared to a laptop, macbook, or ipad).
  • Windows or Mac laptop not more than 4 or 5 years old (Windows 7 operating system or newer; Mac 10.6 operating system or newer).
  • A charging power cord and battery that is capable of holding a charge for at least 3 hours.
  • Wireless internet capability.
  • Case or sleeve for protecting the laptop when it is inside a backpack or bag to increase the lifespan of the computer.
  • If you are going to purchase a device, PLEASE save your dollars and purchase a Chromebook ($250-300) versus Laptop ($500), macbook ($1000) or ipad ($400).

Students will bring their laptop each day to work on classroom activities online. Students are expected to take the laptop home each evening for security purposes and also to make the laptop available to other family members (if that is the wish of the family). A small number of school district-provided laptops will be available for use during class time. If you have a device awesome we will make excellent use out of it in the classroom; if you child does not have a device we will endeavour to find a way to provide access to a device.

Any student in a BYOD class are going to have a laptop to use, whether they bring it or use a school-supplied one.