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Film Club

Live Broadcasting at Clayburn

At Clayburn our Film Club works before school and afterschool to put together the production work for each days live Morning Broadcast.

Each morning, we live stream to each classroom our morning announcements, feature films, and more.  As students watch, listen and learn what is happening at Clayburn for the day, our Film Club crew is working as anchors, tele-prompter operators, camera operators, technical support (graphics, text and more) and on location feature film reporters. 

We are proud of the outstanding work our students produce.  In fact, videos on our website are produced by our student.

If you'd like to experience green screen technology, and industry standard equipment while being an anchor, technical support, reporter, camera operator, or more - then sign up and become a member of our Film Club.

Application deadline is May 2019.


Thanks to our club sponsors:  Mr. Kemp and Mr. Williams