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Golf Camp

Junior Golf Camp

The Bateman Golf Academy is pleased to announce a Junior Golf training camp running September through June each year and held at Ledgeview Golf course.  The camp consists of 20 weekend sessions working with the Bateman Golf Professionals.  Please find attached a detailed overview of the sessions and registration information. 

Questions can be directed via email to

Registration is open for the Junior Golf Camp for 2017-18.   Complete the registration form below and return the package to Robert Bateman Secondary attention Mr. Village.

The School District will be setting up payment via school cash online.  We apologize for saying it was to be made out to Bateman – this now has changed and the SBO will be taking in the fees.  Paula Bryant from the SBO has let us know that it should be up and running by weeks end.  We’ve requested that payment could be available up until Oct 15th just to give everyone some time. 

I hope this helps – let me know if you need any further information!  I have ordered polos for all students.

A message from Coach Village effective Sept 20, 2017....

We are just over a week away before our first lesson.  I have ordered polos for the students and I am hoping they arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Just a quick note, should your son/daughter want to get a membership at Ledgeview, please connect with me.  They renew their memberships every April. 

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask myself or our coaches.  We would be happy to assist and guide in any way possible! See you on Thursday the 28th (most likely at Ledgeview – weather pending).


The Clayburn Program takes place on  Thursday’s at 3:30pm for 75 minute classes.

  • Sept 28
  • Oct 12
  • Oct 26
  • Nov 9
  • Nov 30
  • Feb 22
  • Mar 15
  • Apr 19
  • May 10
  • May 24