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Young Moviemakers Media Arts Camps

Young Moviemakers an award-winning, acting and video production program, offers a variety of camps for middle school students in our community. Through the creation and production of a short film, camp participants learn the importance of visual storytelling, scriptwriting, acting, editing and more. With the help of experienced instructors, participants work in groups to develop and produce their work, which is then premiered in front of family, friends and the community. Learn more about Young Moviemakers at:


Unfortunately 2020 camps have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  We are optimistic we will be able to offer our next Moviemaker camp in the near future. Details will be shared through school social media accounts, newsletters, daily announcements, and email messages.


The "Dreamception" film produced at our spring break camp recently won Best Picture at the 2018 Young Moviemaker Gala.  Congratulations to Carson, Brandon, Iliana, Neveah, Aidan, Carter, Carly and Megan for their outstanding work on this video production.  Please take a moment to read The Abbotsford News article celebrating their achievement.

Note: All the videos posted below were created at Clayburn Young Moviemaker camps. Well done students and staff.

Dreamception: Are you saying this actually works?

Intense Warfare

Number 2


The Ghost of Clayburn Middle

Time Travel Closet

Virtual Kickball

The Janitor’s Closet: Something’s suspicious about Lucas…

The Haunted Library: I NEED WI-FI!!!!

Custodial Blues: I wish my life were different…

The Good Boy: This kid's nuts!

Bad Boyz Prank Club: Who invited Fred?

Fourth Melody: Maybe I can't rock... But I can totally roll!

Trolled: Was he, or was he not asking for it?