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Lost and Found

We’ve updated the lost and found process throughout the school in order to avoid the 5 bags of lost and found monthly going to charity.

Here goes:

  • Gym lost and found will stay in the purple box in the gym (this includes gym bags, gym shoes, gym clothes, change room stuff etc).
    • Students  go back to the gym to find their stuff
    • At the end of each month, we will bag and donate.
  • Items left outside during Nutrition Break and Lunch will be left outside
    • Students remember they left it outside and go back to retrieve it
  • Classroom lost and found should be left in the classroom
    • Again, students generally ask their classroom teacher
    • Just before holidays/ large breaks, please bag and bring to the office for donation.
  • Other random lost and found will be put in the updated lost and found area on the right side of foyer stage
    • We are hanging all clothes so students can SEE what is in the lost and found
    • We have add cubicles for water bottles etc
    • Shoes are on the top rack, again, so students and SEE what is there
  • At the END of each month items in the lost and found (in the foyer) will be bagged and donated.

Normally, we store for a month and donate, this year due to lack of storage, items will be immediately donated at the end of each month