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Bus Information


Every year, all school bus riders must register with the Transportation Department. Student Transportation Request forms are available via the following methods:

Register ONLINE  or with Downloadable PDF Form 

Email Request to

After registration is confirmed by the School District Transportation Department and prior to starting bus service, payment is required to secure a seat on the school bus and a Bus Service Contract must be completed. A letter will be sent to registered families from the Transportation Department identifying bus number and stop information. Also included will be instructions on the payment/contract process.


Please read our Administrative Procedure AP 307 – Transportation of Students To and From School. The purpose of this Administrative Procedure is to define the circumstances and conditions under which transportation to and from school will be provided for Abbotsford School District students. This section provides guidelines for fees, student conduct, supervision, and discipline.


The Board of Education will, where practical, transport students based on the following criteria:

Students must apply for bussing and will be assessed a fee.

Walk limits listed will be used to assign bus seating should availability be in question with furthest walk distance given priority:

Elementary and middle students living more than 3.2 kilometers from the catchment or nearest school (via the shortest possible road or maintained walkway). 
Secondary students living more than 4.0 kilometers from the catchment or nearest school  (via the shortest possible road or maintained walkway). 
Students receiving transportation services to their catchment school may be charged a fee. 
Students who choose to attend a school outside their catchment area are not eligible for transportation services. 
Students attending district programs may apply for transportation services and may be charged a fee. The availability of such services shall be subject to cost considerations and overall financial feasibility.  
If the District assigns a student to a school outside their catchment area, the District will provide transportation to another District school, up to a maximum of one school year. After the first year, the student will be provided transportation to their catchment school only, if applicable. 


There is now one form to use for requesting transportation. Please be sure to indicate on the form when you want transportation to begin.
⏩ Transportation Request Form


All riders are charged a fee except students who have been screened into district programs through the district's Learning Support Services, for bussing. Costs for riders are as follows:

In catchment – and live outside walk limits: $400 per student annually and $600 per family (two or more), effective for the 2020-21 school year.
Note these are both 'flat rates’; there are no part day rates.
Attending District Programs - and live outside walk limits (to site of their district program school): $600 per student annually and $800 per year per family.


Students are reminded to be at bus stops five minutes ahead of the listed time. Note that bus stop times are subject to change during the school year.


Loading & Unloading
Our district uses the “Baltimore System” for loading and unloading school buses in urban areas. This system is judged to provide the highest guarantee for rider safety while at their bus stops and while boarding or leaving their bus. The procedure works as follows:

Within the urban area of Abbotsford, bus stops are located in areas where the bus can pull over to the curb and complete a transit style stop. In this case the red flashing lights are not used, rather, the bus driver will engage the four-way flashers to alert traffic in both directions.
Within the rural areas of Abbotsford, procedure #1 is not utilized; instead the bus will stop on the roadway, using red flashing lights to stop all traffic.

Please note that when flashing lights are used, their purpose is to stop traffic – not to assist children in crossing the road. Although traffic safety and busing procedures are taught at schools, by bus drivers and communicated by the district through literature to parents, please take time to make sure your children understand how to ride school buses and public transit safely.

Students: Please be sure to pay attention to bus safety tips, and instructions from the bus driver. Be sure to arrive at your stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival/departure time for your bus.
Vehicle Drivers: Vehicles travelling in both directions on a roadway must not pass a school bus which has stopped and has its red overhead lights flashing.
Note that increased fines have been enacted for any drivers not observing this procedure. Vehicle drivers are also reminded to use extra caution in school zones during school days.


If you have questions or require further details, please call the District Transportation Department: 604.855.5278.

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