Mountain Bike Club

Dear Parents and Students,

We are excited to begin our spring rides again for our Clayburn Middle School Mountain Bike Club. Our first ride will be on Wednesday, September 27. Depending on the ability level of riders that come out, we will likely have a Beginner group for less experienced riders and an Intermediate group for riders who have spent considerable time riding trails on their mountain bikes.  Our rides will be on Wednesdays this year. Additional rides may also be added, depending on the weather and availability of volunteers.  Please listen for announcements at school or follow the Instagram account for updates.  For Ledgeview rides, we will meet at the trailhead (Westview blvd and Applewood drive) and divide up into appropriate skill level groups.

Mountain biking is not inherently risky if you ride within your ability level. However, accidents happen, and we must be prepared for the odd crash. This means always wearing a certified bike helmet in good condition and potentially other protective gear such as gloves or knee pads.  Attached is a waiver form for participation in a Higher Risk Activity. These need to be filled out by parents and returned before any student is allowed to participate in a ride.  Please make sure these forms get witnessed as well. Several adults are willing to help with our rides, and we could always use more volunteers. If you are interested and can ride, we welcome your help.

Our rides will occur in Abbotsford, generally at Ledgeview (McKee Peak trails). Parents are responsible for transporting their kids to the trailhead before the ride begins and pick-up at the end.  I will provide maps and meeting times for all riders.  See the attached tentative schedule for ride dates.  Please make sure you check our Instagram (see below) for updates.  Some rides may be canceled due to excessive rain or other unforeseen circumstances. Each rider is responsible for checking for updates on the day of each ride. There are limited rides in the fall because of September commitments, and the time change in November makes it too dark to ride. That means we don’t want to cancel rides due to weather unless we have to, so please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately. There are lots of rides planned after spring break.

All rides are optional.  Come to one passage or come to all of them.  It’s entirely up to you.

Let’s have some fun!


Dale Hauff