7E - Mrs. Strocel & Mrs. Wyse

We are looking forward to working with our pod this year. Here is some information that may help with home and school communication.

The best way to contact Mrs. Wyse and Mrs. Strocel is through Email. If you send your Email to both of us, you will also have a better chance of receiving a faster reply. We can be contacted at sara.strocel@abbyschools.ca and rebecca.wyse@abbyschools.ca.

You can also sign up for Remind updates from our pod through the Remind app. You can open the web browser on your iPhone or Android and go to the following link: rmd.at/strocelw . You can then follow the directions to sign up for Remind and download the app. Alternatively, you can text @strocelw to the number (587) 316-2822 to receive text notifications and reminders from our pod. We plan on completing many fun and educational activities this year, so we appreciate the opportunity to communicate quickly with parents. 

All field trip permission forms and payments are accessible on school cash online. If you have not signed up for school cash online yet, please click on the following link to register: https://abbotsford.schoolcashonline.com/