Builder's Club

The Clayburn Middle Builders Club is a group the Clearbrook Kiwanis organization sponsored. There are Kiwanis Builders Clubs at middle schools across North America. We aim to empower middle school students to serve their school, neighborhood, and international communities. Builders Club teacher advisors do this by supporting student members as they plan projects, fundraisers, and community initiatives. 

Clayburn Middle Builders Club projects last year included picking up garbage around the school and community, leaving thank you messages for staff members, organizing a food drive for Archway Food Bank, and having both a teacher spelling bee and a student book sale to raise money for the Abby Community School Society. Students brainstorm and vote on specific projects and fundraisers as a club, and the teacher advisors help them achieve their goals. 

The Builder’s Club is open to any Grade 6, 7, or 8 student who is enthusiastic and willing to help their community. Pay attention to announcements at school to learn more about Builders Club activities this year.